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1954 Buick Skylark for sale condor yellow

Guest 54fins

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For sale, my 1954 Buick Skylark in Condor Yellow. The car was built as a fun version of a college savings account. Well, the time has come and I'll have 2 boys in college. Fear not, I have another 54 Skylark- but I'm more into driving than a museum piece. This car is completely documented, judged and an original owner still living with a lot of history. It's frame off restored and every aspect documented. It has the Jenkins interior, original rims. It is a correct Condor yellow but the top is a Tan cloth,(correct is black or white vinyl). Frame and most parts are powder coated. This car has been in Hemmings and it is quite nice. Perhaps too nice, It's too nerve wracking to even drive it to a show. It is in a climate controlled warehouse and fully operational. Don't quite have the nerve to auction it. I will also consider partial trades. Asking 150K and the build is top notch. Save yourself the brain damage of restoring one. I will be updating the web site with the documentation and the build photos if you are interested. There is a nice one at Barrett Jackson in January- save yourself the fees. https://sites.google.com/site/eclecticclassics/1954-buick-skylark







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OK Buick People: The 54Fins is really correct on the fees. 20% is a lot'a juice. Most auctions get the 10% buyer's fee and because there's no fudge on the sales tax and license, duck.......another 10%. So 20% of 150K is THIRTY GRAND. If I were buying some clean old car it might not matter that much on the price if the car just had a recent brake job or was almost down to the rivets but 30K? You better figure in that 20%. Mitch

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Guest Rob McDonald

I hear ya. My boys' accumulated RESP (Canada's tax-free Registered Education Savings Plan) will give them a choice of Beauty School or Gel Nails Technician.

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Didn't think about sales tax, 7% plus in some areas. Picture the batmobile, 4.2 million then you have another million in taxes and fees. At that point, I suspect it doesn't matter!

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