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Overdrive for Buick straight eight?

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Lloyd Young put the overdrive unit in the third member of my 28 standard and I'm very pleased with it. He does a great job, at a reasonable price and stands by his work.

Another option would be to have new ring and pinion gears made. The last I heard they were around $2,500.00. Then you install them.


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Lloyd adapted a Borg Warner to my former 1912 Oakland Model 30 Touring.

It reduced the engine revs while touring to a much more pleasant and comfortable range, with a 30% reduction.

I reccomend Lloyd highly - thorough knowledge, and a true gentleman.

Over the years, he did 3 cars for me.

Yes, the contact information in Post #4 is correct.

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Wow, I just love this Buick forum!!! I have some questions on resizing (shortening) a Buick torque tube for a project that I'm thinking of diving into and was wondering who to ask. So I get on here and here's a guy listed who does exactly this sort of work. Thanks Frank for asking the question and also to Marty and Jenz for the answers to the question. Great group of guys who own Buicks and are willing to share experiences. Mark

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The Mitchell overdrive works real well on torque tube cars. lots of them being used in Model As. They will handle all the torque and HP a big Buick straight 8 will put out. I have seen them on Packard 8s.

Gearvendors is another great option. I have one on my 69 Charger, They have installed them on a lot of Torque tube cars, mostly high end Packards and Cads. I know the owner and he will work with you for whatever car you have.

The good thing about the Gearvendors is you will only have a button to push to engage the OD, with the mitchell you will have to add a lever.

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