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Source for bolt-in, pos-ground, 6-V alternator for Packard 356?

Guest Water Jacket

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Guest Water Jacket

Appreciate specific help. I know how to Google. Be there a single 1940-47 Packard 356-ci inline eight soul amongst the here gathered who already HAS such an alternator mounted on their 356, who can supply/refer me with/to the ready-to-mount brackets?

Purists, spare me. I've long since made my authenticity bones and have no interest in altering my car, just a 6-volt positive-ground alternator IF there's already one at reasonable cost that comes with the correct Super-8 356 pulley and brackets. Am not interesed in a project having other interests and a life outside the garage. Been fooling with these cars 39 years and haven't time nor patience for any "....you getcha a..."

Seem to recall seeing such for sale a decade ago in Hemmings, somewhere.

My correct AutoLite generator works fine, but as i've already pared nearly 100 lbs. from my '47 Super Clipper, wouldn't mind getting rid of another 30 or so, especially from the front end, as these cars even in the best shape naturally plow a bit, if still better road cars than upper echelon GMobiles. An old retired mechanic told me many six-volt taxis used alternators back in the '50s, and that he had a '60 GMC tow truck with a 6-volt alternator back in the day, so that'll have to serve as enough PC; Packard Correctness for me.

So, anyone have one, know of a source? Again, i don't want to fuss with making my own brackets and fooling with pulley.

A friend has a positive-ground, 6-volt alternator in one of his Cords, but it's

a good idea on those cars simply as low voltage hampers the electro-mechanical Bendix pre-select transmission at idle, this being a four-speed version of the touchy Bendix "Electric Hand" first seen in '35 Hudsons.

Thanks for any help, insight. Again, I want something bolt in, simple, E-Z, ready to go. In addition to the generator in my car, which i want to keep, i have two good, complete 356 AutoLite generators with pulleys for trade, etc. for the above offered as cores.

If you've already done this and have detailed, precise drawings, measurements of the brackets as well as know who can supply such a positive-ground, 6-volt alternator with the correct pulley, perhaps i have a part or info you require.

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I may or may not be able to help you/supply exactly what you are looking for. I can supply an alternator with a universal generator to alternator bracket kit that would install relatively easy w/o any major fab work, just nuts and bolts. I would need to know specifics on your pulley before I promised an exact match. I would need to know diameter and pulley width. Feel free to contact me if you'd like any more details or have any additional questions. I can email you pictures of the bracket kit if you would like. Email me if interested.

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Guest Water Jacket

Thank you, sir. Since posting the above, it seems i overestimated the weight of the original AutoLite 35-amp generator in my '47 Packard Super Clipper, this generator being identical to all the AutoLite 35-amp generators used in cars of the '40s, the sole difference, as you know, being pulley size.

In other words, i've two spare generators, one, like that in my car from the factory, an AutoLite GEA-4802-A as used in 1942-47 Packard senior Clippers with the 356 nine-main engine. The other spare is an AutoLite GDZ-4818-A, this number for 1947-51 Kaiser-Frazer. The generators are identical in every respect as someone at some point replaced the K-F pulley with one for the big, heavy-duty fanbelt the Packard 356 uses, which also reduces the generator rpm the 8 volt maximum output is produced from 2,000 in the Kaiser to 1,700 in the Super/Customer Super Eight Packard.

Turns out a 35-amp AutoLite generator weighs 26 lbs, not the 30 i huchimated. Since the modern Delco alternator most folks revamp to 6-volt, positive ground weighs 9 lbs., a paring of only 17 lbs. doesn't seem worth the effort,

my car working swell stock, as they do when everything's in order.

My only reason for considering going to an alternator was to save some serious weight, Packard never making a "Continental" model, as Bentley did a few years later with their R- and S-Types, the latter even in four-door saloon version.

I've jettisoned 100 lbs. thus far without altering the car in the least, and as the driver's on the Bill Clinton vegan diet, will call the project finished for now. Maybe. But you sound like a heads up kinda gent, so will tell the various old car folk in my circle about you. Thanks again, sir.

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