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Guest lasombra55

Hi Fordster I have a 55-57 pontiac sunvisor with the three mounts.I do not have the stainless trim or bolts ands screws.Visor was stripped, acid treated and epoxy primed.

It has been stored inside and is in good condition.It does not have any large dents but is a little rough under where the stainless trim sits and the center mounting rib.It is solid and would just need a little body filler or glaze to make smooth.The epoxy prime used is PPG.It is designed to be topcoated with body fillers and glaze.Just sand(180grit) or scuff with a scotbrite red pad,wipe clean with wax and grease remover ,dry then applyfiller.If you are interested Please contact me.(914)299-8676

Also I found a great new product on ebay. Its a set of wind silencers that reduces that annoying wistling sound from the vent window area.Just search by 1955-1957 wind silencer.I put a set on my 55 and was happy with the results. take care lasombra

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