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28 Pontiac - what carb?


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The original was a Carter, although I am not exactly sure which model. The Master Parts List does not say which model fits which year, but it is probably a DRJHO 104S or DRHJO 109SR. The model DRO was used for 1926 and 1927. Whichever model carb it used it was used for 1928 only. Oddly enough The Standard Catalog suggests that Pontiacs had Marvel carbs form 1929 on but the Master Parts List says Carter. The Oaklands used a Marvel carb. You will probably find that your Pontiac will go better with the Tillotson.

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Pontiac in 1928 used three different carburetors:

Early production was a Carter DRJH-0 tag number 101s. This one only lasted a few weeks.

The Carter 101s was superceded by Carter DRJH-0 tag number 109s. This one lasted a few more weeks.

Approximately 4 months into the run, the Carters were superceded by Marvel 10-714

(Opinion) the brass bowl Carters were beautiful, but not overly functional. The Marvels were neither.

The Tillotson was sold to those customers too frugal to buy a rebuilding kit for either the Carter or the Marvel. It was less than the kit!!! Of the three, I would opt for either of the Carters, but it is kind of like the old story: do you prefer a headache or an upset stomach???

The Carter 104s mentioned in the previous post was sold as a replacement for the 1926 and 1927 carbs, but not for the 1928. It would probably work on the 1928.

If it is a showcar, pick your choice of the Carter or the Marvel; I doubt seriously a judge would dock you regardless of the build date of your car, as the absolute crossover date is probably unknown.

If it is a driver, there are a number of better carbs such as the Carter BB-1 or the Stromberg SF-1.


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