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Need help withn factory part #


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Hi Everyone: I need some help If someone has a parts catalog for the 1980/1983 buick prk ave 5.0 4 dr rwd. I need the factory part #'s for the rear Level Control Valve for factory air mounted on the rear crossmember this is a 6 pin connector.2: I need the part # for the remote mirror control switch mounted on the drivers door arm rest this control has a switch for the r/l side mirror and a joystick to work the up/dwn/in/out the switch and yoystick are all in one part.Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks Guys and have a great wk/nd!!!

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I am assuming when you say control valve, you are talking about the height sensor, which is #1 in the illustration above. The part number for that from '78 to '81 is 22040579. For '82 & '83 it is 22082976.

The part number for the power mirror switch is 20155415 for '79 & '80. It is 20424475 for '81 to '83. The latter one is only if the car does not have the 2 postion memory seat. I do not have the part number for the switch with 2 way memory.

Both parts are discontinued, but you probably already knew/expected that.


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Thanks Oldsfan you were a great big help i hope the mirror control switch will work would you know if the mirror switch has a switch for r/l mirror and a joy stick in one. I have 6 way seat . Sorry for being a pain but I have been after these for sometime. Thanks again!!!

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