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Year of engine

Carla Larsen

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I have been offered a 6cyl engine to purchase along with a car. I believe it is about a 1925/26.

The casting # on the L/H side next to the Buick logo is 189040-4. Above this is 0197. The serial number on the tag is 1949050. The nuts on the valve cover are of the acorn type. It has a down draft intake, which I believe to be not of the same year. What year is the engine? When did Buick use a down draft intake that would fit this engine? The engine is nearly complete, in dry storage, any thoughts as to value?



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Worth asking in Buick - Pre War

The guys will need a photo to start guessing value (which is very little)

Down draft was about 1935. The manifold was probably turned over with and some other carb fitted

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