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What was the first car you drove?

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When I was 15 i had saved up $100 from mowing lawns and shoveling snow and raking leaves and I wanted a car. My parents were against it of course and not at all supportive. I found an ad for a 1966 Belvedere convertible 318 stick shift car for $125. I hitchhiked over to the owner's home just before dusk and they sold it to me for $97.50 to leave me with $2.50 for gas. After the owner handed me the keys and went back in the house I realized that I had never driven a car before and wasn't sure I knew how. After starting it in gear and lurching around the neighborhood till it got dark, I decided to go for it and drove it home down 6 mile road in Detroit. I parked it around the block from my house and I would leave home to school on my bike, go around the block, put the bike in the trunk and drive to school. I drove that car to driver's Ed too. Of course spray painted it with grey primer and scrounged up some mags and had a blast with it. Ahh the good old days. A kid would have a criminal record a mile long for doing this today. :)


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A late 50's Morris 1000. Twin carbs! (But only one worked) First drive down a straight I was beaten by a kid on a pushbike with my cousin telling me not to worry that I was being flogged by a ten year old kid.

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