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FS - 1974 Pontiac Grand Prix

Guest floresrick

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Guest floresrick

Year - 1974

Make - Pontiac

Model - Grand Prix

Price - $7,000 OBO

Description - 92,580 miles, Always Garaged, Looks and runs great, One owner, Everything original (radio, seats, carpet…)

Location - Fort Worth, Tx

Contact Information:

Rick Flores



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I worked at Pontiac when these were built.

I was a student at GMI and part of my indoctrination was to help in the various departments.

One such department dealt with letters from customers / potential customers.

I vividly remember a letter we got and the discussion that ensued.

A long time customer requested that Pontiac build a Grand Prix with a bench seat so his girlfriend / wife (can't remember which it was) could sit next to him.

I believe this was when the 72 models were being built (no way to have a bench seat with the dash design of that model) and the tongue in cheek response from everyone in the room was "get a room" ... :)

Apparently the subsequent models were made to "cheapen" the car / price and they DID make the GP with a bench seat, the above is proof ...

Had to comment, hope no one is offended

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