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'57 Buick Special rear quarter glass parts


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Can anyone help me with finding the GROUP number in the Master Body parts book for rear quarter (2DR HT) parts. Looking for part numbers for regulators, guides and etc. I can find front and rear window parts in GROUP 10 but have not located 2DR HT parts.



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I think your 2DR HT is a Fisher body model 4437..what I have found in the MPB is as follows:

Group 11.041, Regulator, Rear Quarter Window

PN 4692429 Right - Manual

PN 4632430 Left - Manual

PN 4234446 Right - Electric

PN 4234447 Left - Electric

Group 11.040 Guide, Rear Quarter Window

PN 4692978 Right

PN 4632979 Left

Also attached is a photo of the routing for the heater hoses for the 1957 Special

Hope this is what you need!


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Thanks for your rewponse and picture. I would have never found the rear quarter glass in Group 11. Checked my MBP book and there was the information that you provided along with other things I was looking for. Also thanks for the picture. Great help.


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