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DB 1917, water pump removal


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Hi gentleman, Hope I can get some help.

I'm trying to install new gaskets on my drive shaft running the dist, water pump but I can't find how to take off the drive gear.

Water pump I found the pin but not on the main fan belt drive gear.

Can anyone enlighten me please. I removed the side cover to find a knid of a washer but it is welded on two tabs. Does it slide off or it there a pin?

Help Please


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It's been a while since I did mine ('25) but if I recall correctly, the drive gear and impeller used woodruff keys so the gear does slide off (I don't remember if it took much force). These (crappy) photos seem to back up my memory. However, is a 25 water pump the same as a '17? Hopefully someone else here can tell you.




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Hi Mike, thanks for the reply. they look the same and when I went to Myers and looked at a new shaft it also had the indents for the keys. They're going to give new a problem coming off. The water prop. won't move and I have removed the pin. It being copper I'm afraid to brake it if I force it. Anyway thanks for the responce.

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The shaft can be pushed through the drive gear with a hydraulic press. However, you need to ensure that the housing is well suported as it is easily cracked - ask me how I know! The bronze water pump impellor can be removed by careful alternative application of heat and WD40 or similar. Drive it off with a piece of pipe which will just clear the key.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Tony, I was going to try to replace the packing materials without removing the gear or the water pump wheel.

If I can't then I'll try to remove the gear and prop again. The shaft is in good shape so i don't know if its worth it accidently braking something.

Thanks for the response.

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