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1941 Steering Wheel Production

Keith L.

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I’ve been waiting till after the holidays to post. As many of you who have been following my progress know, in my earlier post I said I had a few minor issues to overcome before production. I was optimistic. Some of the minor issues became real head scratchers.

My earlier post outlined my progress and reasoning. See: http://forums.aaca.org/f128/steering-wheel-reproduction-328185.html.

What I want to stress in this post is that I learned along the way that many Zephyr owners were reluctant to get a new wheel for several reasons. The biggest is finding a good ’41 core, and second, waiting for months for your wheel to be recast, sometimes while your beauty sits empty steering-wheelish (my word). That’s over. I’ve tried to make it simple. Buy a new ’41 wheel without sending me a core, keeping your old wheel, or send back to me ANY ’40 thru ’48 good usable wheel for a $75 discount. Using the honor system, deduct now, send a core later using my original Styrofoam packing box your wheel comes in.

The photo “Wheel Harvest” is deceptive: It looks impressive but it’s not. Of the ten wheels shown, six have small “teachable Blemishes” and all six need to be scraped clean and recast. But with each successive pour I was eliminating a potential problem and advancing to my goal, a perfect wheel.

Attached are some photos, promotional flyer and an order form.

Thanks for all your patience.

Keith Lee





Knobsoup_Full Page Ad.pdf

1941 Steering Wheel flyer.pdf

Order form '41 steering Wheel.pdf

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Thanks for the nice comment. Next up on my steering wheel project list is the '40 wheel. I've got a restored wheel almost finished to make a mold. Then I'll work on the "42 through '48 wheel. The '42 wheel uses the same mold as the '46-'48, only the color changes. I don't think I'll do any of the banjo wheels. One, I don't have a nice '39 restored wheel to mold from and two, I don't want to restore the center metal hub and spokes. just want to play with plastics.

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Guest zazothex

Keep us updated when you get the postwars planned to pour. I'll take one. Also, I have a couple of spare wheels ('46 & '48) if you need them for additional molds or whatever.

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Hello Keith - i know this is 10 years later, but are you fabricating steeing wheels for the 41 Lincoln Continental?   If so i have the core and horn ring to send. i am new to AACA & a new owner of this car.


Thanks in advance for any help & guidance you can offer.


Ken Lobsinger


M:  972-754-0344

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Keith -  For my 41 Continental, the plan is to cover it in leather or vinyl to match the interior.  Therefore if you have a wheel on hand that you might find unsatisfactory for your sales or display purposes, I am willing to take one of those.

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