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<< An Original Rajo Equipped Pre War Model T Ford Dry Lakes Racer Photo>>

Guest T-Head

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Guest T-Head


This pre war dry lakes racing photo is one of our favorite later photos out of the Henry Austin Clark collection. It shows a Model T Ford racer being kick-started with the hand crank. The engine is equipped with an eight-valve Rajo overhead valve conversion head, possibly a Model B or BB racing head with a pair of dual down-draft carburetors on a special intake manifold.

I appears to possibly be a press photo, so at this point we do not know if this photo has been circulated at all. Study it and if you know any details about the car, owner, date or the race meet, please send us a comment.

We also have an enlargement of this photo you can study at theoldmotor.com


And please make a contrubution to our fundraiser for the non-profit McPherson College for equipment and tools if possible. All the details can be found here.

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