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Other Newsletter and Website Awards

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All of the Master Editor Awards letters were mailed a few weeks ago, Sportcoupe. The Awards of Certificate for Excellence, Distinction, and Merit can be picked up at the Annual Meeting in February or will be mailed to you after the meeting, as will the unclaimed Master Editor plaques.

The Master Webmaster Awards have also been mailed out about a week ago(?). As with the publications, regional/chapter web certificate awards will be available after the President's Dinner on Friday night at Philadelphia. (Should have mentioned that works with the publication certificate awards too-Friday night)


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I received my Master Editor letter - Thanks. I have already sent in the required info. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the meeting. Hopefully next year I can free up some time.

I was asking about the other awards to see what award level my wife received for our Regions's web site.

By the way, is there a simple way to change my profile name from 31SportCoupe to my actual name? I searched profile editor and could not find a way to change the profile ID. Should I simply delete the old profile and make a new profile?


Paul Noller

Venice Region

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