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Leo David Diventi

Dave Mellor NJ

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John- probably not, though it is refreshing to see a kid with a simple and purposeful name.

The most personally annoying name I can think of for a boy is "Dakota" with "Montana" a close second. There were a rash of those here a few years back, all hitting high school age now. One local HS football player is named Dakota Washington Delaware. Makes ya wonder if his parents were looking thru a road atlas when they named him, though in his defense his grandpa was George Washington Delaware.

I have five 20-somethings named Brandon at work and it can be an adventure keeping them separated. There's skinny Brandon, short Brandon, big feet Brandon, intern Brandon and stripper Brandon (from how he supported himself during tech school).

I'm bound to think there are going to be lot of kids who are going to hate their parents down the road for saddling them with "unique" names that can barely be pronounced, much less spelled.

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Thanks to all for the nice comments. The parents kept the name a secret till he arrived.They liked Leonardo but with the last name it's too near Leonardo DaVinci. I kinda like that but Leo's fine and I also want to to keep the excitement low key so as not to upset the girls but I really am tickled and the middle name is after me,God bless them.

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