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New Yahoo Group for Early V8 Cadillac enthusiasts!

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Friends: I own a 1924 Cadillac V63 Touring which I am currently restoring. For some time I have envied the camaraderie and helpful sharing of information, photos and resources on Yahoo sites like EarlyCadillac and BrassBuick. With the help of the list owner of those sites I have started a group for the Cadillac models spanning 1915 to 1929 -- when the Standard of the World was powered exclusively by V8 engines. Please check out the site, join it, and participate actively in it! Owners of nickel-era cars need to be more connected, and I hope this site goes some way to provide that connection. Sincerely, Michael Barnes, Coquitlam, B.C., Canada.

Check it out:

EarlyV8Cadillac : Early V8 Cadillac Group


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