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1928 Briggs Fordor with flappy doors! Help wanted.

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Well, it's a clean sweep. Every one of the four doors on my '28 blindback has managed to come open while driving at one time or another!

I haven't any experience with the strikers or latches on these cars as this car is new to me and my first Fordor.

The parts look fine and I imagine there is some kind of adjustment that can be made if they aren't too worn.

I have concluded that locking the doors won't help as the locks only seem to lock the handles and don't appear to actually lock the doors. I could be wrong about that, however.

Any veteran help, tip, suggestion or even a parts source for either the latch or the strikers would be most appreciated!

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My personal experience is only with 30-31 Closed Cars and 28-29 Open Cars, but it looks like Brattons has some parts for your car as well. I suggest their parts if you want to replace some latch hardware. In my experience this problem can come from a few different causes. Essentially everything has to be good and tight, close tolerances need to be restored and excess body flex can be a problem. The problem can sometimes be fixed through replacing latch hardware. Worn out parts, weak springs in the latch mechanism, bad door wood are probably some of the common problems. It is sort of difficult to diagnose without seeing it in person, but some common sense tightening up of everything should solve your problem.

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