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AC Spark Plug Div "4 Break" Metal/ceramic Whatsis (Plug??)

Bud Tierney

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Rattling around in my junk jar (odds and ends I'm afraid to throw away) is this oddity...Octagonal (8 sides) "base", metal, crimped onto a round white ceramic about 3/8 long, to the "bottom?" of which is riveted a small 90 degree elec snapon/clipon connection...

Going the other way is a 11/4 inch tall metal "tower", graduating down to 3/8 at its end, with what looks like SAE threads on the outside about 3/8 long...this part looks for all the world like an older inner tube valve with threads for the cap...

Stamped into the metal "tower", which is hollow, are: "AC Spark Plug Div", and under that "4 Break", but stamped in a way that to read requires the "tower" part to be down, as if the 3/8 outside threads screwed into something, with the ceramic with its 90 degree elec connection "up"...

There're no other threads anywhere on this thing...does anyone have an idea of what this thing is???

Any comments appreciated...dying of curiosity!!! Bud

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