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Casting Brush Parts


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:confused: Most everybody that is restoring a Brush Runabout is looking for a lot of the same parts. There have been several members of The Brush Owners Association who have cast parts from time to time. I am wondering if the folks who are currently restoring a Brush have the need to cast parts but the cost is prohibitive. If several that need the same parts could group together we all get what we need and the cost is considerably less. What parts do you need?

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Good idea John.

First we should get all of the current Brush members notified of this site. The ads that are published in a semi-annual publication of the Brush Runabout are great, but the changes in our needs don't get noticed for 6 months. This site will speed up that process. I have purchased a few items in the past from owners of Brush items, and they were not aware of any Brush clubs or sites at the time. Right now this site is pretty new, so responses might be slow in coming in.

Good luck.

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