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1971 & 1972 Full Size Hood Insulation kits

Brad Conley

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My friend, Duane Heckman, is ready to start production of the correct hood insulation for 71-72 full size Buicks. I mailed him one of mine from my 1972 Estate Wagon so he could have an exact pattern. $35 plus shipping from Philly.

If you ever think you will need any, now is the time to get in line. The stuff sold by CARS, etc is not correct for the 71-72 full size Buicks.

Here's the link for a thread on this at V8Buick.com: http://www.v8buick.com/showthread.ph...53#post2133253 .

You should contact Duane for cost of shipping via V8Buick.com or post here and I will get him the information to him on your order if you are not a member on V8Buick. Will need your address including zip code and a phone number. PM's or email's work best for this sensitive information. You may PM me here, Duane on V8Buick or email direct to Duane at: bdheckman@att.net . Emailing Duane directly is probably best as all I will do is forward your email to him.

Thanks for your interest!

PS: This is correct only for 1971 & 1972 full size Buicks. LeSabre, Centurion, Electra and Estate Wagon. Riv's have a slightly different pattern.

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