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Mr Riviera

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OK Dick: I know a wee bit about this car. Aside from the obvious (color and equipment) it's been for sale for a very long time. I'm guessing the car looks good from the pictures but looking at it in the flesh is everything. I find it an ominous sign about a seller when a car is for sale for a long time. In cases like that I have found either the price is out of whack, the seller is out of whack....or both. 65 Rivs are hot as a pistol right now and a clean one priced at market with an accommodating seller should get the job done. He was asking 30K and now it's on Craig's List for , I think, 20K. It would be easy enough to check. It's been on the ebay many times. It is also a very bad sign when a seller spams the living daylights out of something, in this case a So. Cal listing in the San Francisco area. And here's the link to the Craig's List posting Hope this helps, Mitch.


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I looked at this car earlier on eBay while the pictures look pretty nice I noticed the left front fender did not align with the front edge of the hood. Also noticed that the door bumpers on the passenger door were missing as was one of the nuts that hold the door skin in place and the door is dragging on the door latch and has also worn the edge of the door upholstery. Looks like one of the door skin nuts is very loose. Maybe it was in an accident the the whole left side is moved back a bit. Again, the car does look very nice in the pictures.

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