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Story of the Week, 1939 Buick


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Guest Rob McDonald

ROBERTA, I'm also intrigued with "stream boards" and it's always nice to see a '39 Buick brochure. However, the accompanying story is pretty sketchy. I'm no expert on prewar Buicks - although I especially like '39s - but I still spotted several errors.

Leather upholstery was not restricted to Phaetons, which was Buick's term for a convertible sedan. Leather was also available in convertible coupes and many closed models, either on its own or in combination with fabric seating surfaces. All Buicks had a built-in trunk, not just the highest-end models. The Roadmaster Sport Sedan - only 20 built! - had a very attractive "sloper" rear end but even that included a substantial trunk compartment.

These lapses make me wonder about MotorCities' statements that '39 Buicks were first with push button radios and that the trunk emblem incorporated the industry's first standard equipment signal lights.

The article closes with, "the 1939 Buick models are highly sought after [by] many collectors and have an expensive price tag." That's really overstating it. A prime '38 Century Convertible Coupe, for example, is listed by NADA at $62,600, while a similar 1939 is $56,900 and a 1940 shows $59,700. The 1939 therefore enjoys a value spike of 9% above the previous year and just 5% above the next year. Among less attractive models, I'd bet the variations year-to-year are even smaller.

There, I've picked my nits. Robert Tate has not shown good research here and, frankly, he's not a great writer either.

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Thanks for the story Roberta. Wasn't aware of the Streamboard option instead of running boards. Anyone have pictures of both to compare?
Rob asked the same question here: http://forums.aaca.org/f165/orginal-price-39-buick-special-342842.html

I posted some images. Need to find a good rubber running board image to show side by side comparison


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Guest Grant Magrath

Can you please take some photos from the same angle as post 5 above ?

Can put side by side in a merged image

No worries........




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