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Orginal Price 39 Buick Special


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I will try and help, as I knew nothing about the '39 when I purchased one and many great people here helped me.

You did not give the model, assuming you have a coupe as pictured, it could be a business coupe (without back seat) or a sport coupe with folding jump seats.

Model 46 (business coupe) 14,582 shipping wt = 3322

Model 46S (sport coupe) 10,043 shipping wt = 3372

Above numbers does not include exported units.

Options......factory installed Oil bath air cleaner and oil filter = $10, special paint = $40, oil filter = $5, front fender lamps = $7.50,

Heater w/defroster = $26.50, Sonomatic Radio = $63, 40 series only chrome group = $20 ($22 if it had side mounts), Flexible steering wheel (same wheel as 60-80-90 series) 40 series only = $25 Chrome plated window reveals 40 series only = $25, Stream-Boards (running boards for 40 & 60 series only ) no extra cost. 6 wheel option (dual side mounts) $45 on 40-60-80 models, $60 on 90 series

The option list and pricing was obtained from the Buick Heritage Alliance. For a small fee, they will send you a copy of the 1939 Buick Prices, Colors, Equipment, Accessories publication.

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There is another good shot of a stream board on Ken-J's post from way back.


It's not a running board as such but was put were a running board would normally go. Only went for a year or two before both running and stream boards were finally ditched altogether.

You still out there Ken J ???


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