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Need paint/codes/source for Gulf Gasoline Gas Co. service station orange and blue paint.

George Albright

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Hi guys. I am building a replica circa 1940 gas station in my back yard. Going to paint/badge it as a circa 1940 Gulf service station. I need a source for Gulf orange and blue paint,or the paint codes,etc. Nothing on Ebay. Leads appreciated! George Albright,Ocala,Fla. email; gnalbright@gmail.com cell 352 843 1624 from 10 AM to 4 PM weekdays EST

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You'll probably need a Pantone number to have the correct "number" for the color. This number is used in the screen printing area to get the correct color for particular objects to be screen printed in their "paint" materials.

I did a Google Image search for "Gulf Oil Company" and found LOTS of pictures, even the older yellow-orange "disc" signs, which pre-date the later orange/blue variants.

BUT . . . after I did that Google Image Search, I then clicked on the Google toolbar for "Web Search" and found that there IS still a Gulf Oil Company still operating in the USA! www.gulfoil.com will get you there AND find various pictures of their heritage stations and the more recent logos from the 1970s+.

We always bought Gulf Gasoline, until the stations in TX became "Chevron" stations. Always liked the products and the people who ran the stations! Perhaps, if you contact them and ask if you might source some of the colors, etc. from them, worst thing they might do is ask you to sign some sort of legal form as those things would be copyrighted and trademarked. Try it and see!



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One of the cars I take care of is a Ford GT40 that raced in Gulf colors. I just went to my auto paint store and we found "Gulf Orange" and Gulf Blue" in the regular PPG automotive paint listings. This was 15 years ago, but I would bet it is still there.

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Any automotive paint company should be able to come up with the correct colors. I worked in a BA station in 1969 when they were taken over by Gulf. The Gulf company paid to have our shop truck repainted Gulf colors and sent us new signs for the doors. The paint was mixed by the local auto parts store. I'm sure they had the colors on file for the thousands of Gulf oil delivery trucks and Gulf gas station trucks.

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Guest Texas Old Car Guy


Don't you love it when you know you have something but just can't quite seem to put your hands on it? As soon as I saw your question I remembered that I had contacted a gas pump restoration place several years ago and had gotten the formula for not only Gulf Orange but Texaco Red and Texaco Green for some pumps I was restoring.

I spent a good hour cleaning out my desk drawers looking for the note (found several other things I had misplaced in there as well - thanks) and finally came up with it. Turns out it was a company in Florida of all places that gave me the formula (small world).

Here's a link to their website and they are located in Cocoa, Florida about 120 miles from you.

Past Gas Co. Home Page

According to Past Gas they use all PPG paints and the formulas they gave me are as follows:

Gulf Orange - DAR 60519 (acrylic enamel)

Texaco Red - DAR 2830 (acrylic enamel)

Texaco Green - DAR 43509 (acrylic enamel)

I realize you don't need the formulas for the Texaco colors but thought some other AACA members down the road might need them and they would be able to pull them up when they searched this forum. Unfortunately I didn't ask them for the formula for Gulf Blue since the gas pump I was restoring at the time was to be solid Orange but you should be able to give them a call using the number on their website and I'll bet they'll happily give you the Gulf Blue formula. Note the number on the upper left side of their webpage for tech questions.



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