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1933 Roadster Special - new member needs help

Guest mawa

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Hello there

some times ago I acquired a Pontiac 8 roadster in Argentina - a wonderful looking car:


The car was built from some parts (frame, radiator, engine) and imagination.

The Argentinian title shows year 1933, chassis# E-041448, engine# P-474560.

The only thing I could verify is the Pontiac engine number which is shown at the front left below the cylinder head gasket.

On top of the cylinder head are the numbers D 33 and 494901 or 484801 (not so clear).

But I think it might be a later Pontiac straight 8 unit. Does anyone know the year, the series, the power?


There is a wrong carburetor (Argentinian production) fitted that doesn't work well.

Does anyone know the correct carburetor for the engine I have in my car?

If the year 1933 would be true it had to be a Carter W1 single downdrought.

If the year 1933 would be true the chassis number would have been 770,001 upwards - and not E-041448.

Does anyone have an idea? There's nothing on the frame, not below the left front fender, nor a plate behind the right front wheel.

The only numbers I found are on both sides of the rear axle:

left 367235 L 11

right 367236 R 15

Every tip advice information would be helpful.

Thank you

and a happy new year!








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hi martin, what a beautiful pontiac roadster you have there, my master parts catalog only goes as far back as 1937. the pontiac oakland club doesn't have a 1933 pontiac technical advisor, but there is a 1934 pontiac technical advisor, he is very well known and respected in the poci. his name is kurt kelsey, 14083 P ave. iowa falls, ia. 50126. his ph # is 641-648-9086, and his email address is kelsey@prairieinet.net sorry i couldn't be more help, i hope someday, you'll be able to show your roadster here in the states. please give us a drive report, this car looks like it would be so much fun to drive, years ago, i was allowed to drive a 1934 pontiac convertible with the straight eight and three speed standard transmission, a BIG different than driving a 1953 pontiac chieftain custom catalina with the straight eight and four speed hydra-matic transmission. charles coker, 1953 pontiac technical advisor.

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Hello Charles and Jim, thank you very much for the immediate and helpful response. I'll try to contact Kurt in the next few days and I hope he can give me an advice. If someone else can - please do so. As soon as I can find a matching carburetor I'll let you know how the car behaves on the road.

Best regards Martin

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Hello Kurt, what a great pleasure! Your words are the first indication that the production year of 1933 might be really true. Until now I wasn't sure if they had just taken a 1933 Pontiac radiator grille and built a total fake around it. That's how they started their work:


The frame is not of the later Pontiac K-Y style - but it is a Pontiac frame at all?

Best regards




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