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1924 Hudson Super 6

Guest Dougx

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post-90467-143139321795_thumb.jpgI have a '24 Hudson Super Six I want to sell, or trade for a classic vehicle around $2500. I bought it to restore, but as I look at it I realize I would compromise a piece of history, as I would hot rod it rather than restore it. The body metal is aluminum with only couple of small places of damage. The fender steel is in good shape, only rust through in a spot under where the spare was mounted. All the wood is damaged. The engine had been taken apart and looks like someone went to replace a rod as there is a spare inside, along with a new head gasket and exhaust manifold.Most of the glass is gone but on the right side two pieces that are there have authenic bullet holes. The hood is not installed in the pictures but is in excellent cond. There are some original tools inside and misc parts. It does not appear anyone has done any restoring in the past.



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That is an interesting rarely seen project vehicle that seems to have a larger then normal size to it. Aluminum body? Is the drivetrain then complete? It's hard to tell from the initial post which describes a motor as apart. Transmission, everything else there? Thanks

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Yes, this is a complete car. I am not the seller but he has PM'ed me and sent me many of these photos and explained that the drivetrain is complete. At his asking price, in my opinion, this is a great car to restore. I have learned by visiting a restoration shop recently that everything can be fabricated. In one of the photos the bad pistons are sticking up out of the car. That scared me a lot. But for a car like this, just assume a worse case scenario, frame off restoration.

It's drawback is that it is a closed car. No getting around that - in the roaring 20's we associate the "cool" cars as the 2 door roadsters with golf bag doors and long wheelbase touring cars with big 6's or 8's.

Comparatively, right now, there seems to be a lot of very cool closed 1920's car projects for sale right now at reasonable prices. Because this thread is a for/sale post, that's all I will say. This Hudson deserves a restoration at this price. It might be different if offered for unrealisitic money, but this one is offered at a fair starting point.

Check this out:

1924 Hudson Super Six Images, Information and History (Speed Six, Super 6) | Conceptcarz.com

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