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how much does a 1946 dodge pickup weigh?


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My 1940 Plymouth 1/2 ton specs. show 2800 lb. as shipping weight, I wouldn't think weight different much than yours as they changed very little over the '39-'47 years, Dodge, Ply. or Fargo.

You could also look at that tag on the passenger side door jamb and see the gross weight and subtract the 1000 lbs. as empty weight.

The specs. also list "road weight" as 2975 lbs., which I never did figure out what that term means. Rich

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didnt look at the door jamb coz i remembered it wrong what u said, got this plate off the firewall tho..

its high res so that u can read it

model number is DD1S16

max gross weight is 4800

if its a half ton pickup then the unloaded vehicle is about 3800 pounds which seems a bit excessive??


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My limited records of Dodge years '37-'47 show no model begins with letter DD, all models '41 thru '47 start with W. Is it possible the S in there a 5 ? If so could be guess as a 3/4 ton as all those years show as WD-15, no other model years with the 15 in there; 1 ton number is WD-20 Another thing I picked out of this is that all 1/2 ton only 116 inch wheeel base, where the 3/4 and 1 ton 120 inch.

Chrysler Historical sent me complete data for my specific year When I sent them $25 for "build sheet" for my make, model & serial, they did not find it but returned my check and the several pages on data. Rich

P.S. stamped on plate on mine "LBS 4200" and I am positive its a 1/2 ton.

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I would think the Ute style body would weigh slightly more than a normal pick up bed would. A half ton truck with a 116 inch wheelbase is listed as weighing 2975lbs in the book that I have. The 120 inch wheelbase 3/4 ton is listed as weighing 3225lbs. The Ute probably weighs about 3100lbs. It might have heavier rear springs due to the added weight in the rear of the larger body.

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was there again today and took detailed pictures of the door jams and the doors and there is definatly nothing written on them.

forgot to measure the wheelbase and i knew there was something i forgot to do damn!

asked a guy who restored one of these and he says about 2900 pounds aswell so i think its safe to say its 2900 pounds :)


what are the buttons for? i think the one on the right is headlights, the red on the left is push start and i think second from the left is the choke but im not sure, what do they do?

and wheres the indicator lever? theres nothing on the steering wheel :o


the flap here i know its for the air vents but where is the lever inside the cab to open it up? couldnt see anything to do with i there.

also guessing that the single window wiper is normal

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On 1/3/2013 at 1:45 PM, arklan said:

hello there everyone, iv got dodge pickup what i think is 1946 but havent looked too closely.

i have a plan but i need to know how much it weighs.

what do these things usually weigh? anyone know off hand?


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