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Wanted parts for Westchester


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Good day!

I'm from Russia, Moscow. Two weeks ago I bought a Cord 812 Westchester project car. The car is now in Savage MN. Until it went to Russia, I want to find the lost parts:

head lamp assembly - pair;

air cleaner assembly for no S/C engine.


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Thank you.

Here's a photo sent by the seller

Do I correctly understand that it is not the original headlights and air cleaner assembly?

1. The air cleaner is not Cord

2. The headlights are not original Cord, but may be an aftermarket conversion to seal beams

3. The exhaust pipe is Cord, but the only part worth saving is the bracket (lower left) that attaches to the starter bolt

4. The plate is Cord and goes under the radiator and across the stub frame

5. The horns look like Cord

6. The wrench and screw jack handle are not Cord

7. I don't know about the lug wrench

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