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Mark (second entry), The chrome is a dead give-a-way you love this car. It's not a Ratrod, tho the paint give's that impression. If there is a standard or "bar" for a ratrod this should be it, everything else should be considered mice-rod's...

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Actually, here are the clunkers that I fool around with. Owning these automobiles has enabled me to make life-long frienships that I have enjoyed for many years. I have been a member of AACA since 1974 and it has been one of the best things that I have ever done.





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Hey Richard1,

Just had to say NICE CORVAIR!

When I first looked at your pictures I thought, That's my sister's car!

Her's is an early 1960 that she bought as her 1st car in 1974 (not the typical type 1st car purchase right?). We grew up with Dad having antique cars and he had a nose for finding low mileage used cars so... the car was nice, the price was right and bingo, her independence was secured!

Of interest about her car is: When it came time for her to go to University, she picked Arizona State University in Phoenix and drove the car there. See, we lived in Windsor, Ontario (next to Detroit) so with Mom & Dad following her in their Oldsmobile, drove all 1,920 miles one way together! The Corvair blew one fan belt on the way but otherwise performed flawlessly. While she was there, my now wife and I flew out to visit for a week and decided to drive down to Nogales, Mexico and back from Phoenix. Again, no issues. After graduating, I drove down in dad's 1968 Meteor wagon to load up her things and follow her the 1,920 miles home again.

She still owns the car and wants to see it back on the road again someday.




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Barely getting started. Should be a life long project with no plans on selling once complete. Still waiting on title...

1st pic is how it was pulled from the woods in Massachusetts.

The next 3 pics are where it sat in Fremont CA for quite a few years after.

Last pic is the day it was delivered to Phoenix AZ.

My avatar is the only factory illustrated photo I've found to date. The original color is the deep dark blue with yellow wheels and stripe, same as the 1929 Merchant Express 1/2 ton truck on display at the WP Chrysler museum. Just rounding up parts and taking inventory of correct parts still.

1930 Dodge Panel 3/4 ton DA-124" wb. If anyone else has one please come forward.






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