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Wiper issues, 1951 Super

Guest chevy_dude97

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Guest chevy_dude97

Ok, I guess after looking for a replacement I shall try and figure a way to repair my wiper.

To fill you in I have been having issues with my wipers since I purchased the car. At first neither would turn on and it turned out to be low vacuum. With that fixed I noticed the drivers side would limp then not move. Further troubleshooting led me to this shaft;


The knurled end has some "flat spots" and I am figuring this is where it is slipping. I don't figure this is going to be a very difficult fix but I was really hoping to just R2 the part. Looking under the dash both sides are moving as advertised and when I hold the shaft in it does as well, minus the "flat spots" Is there a trick to keeping these all the way in say I figure how to make the knurled side good again?

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