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New Years Resolution

Phil Wimbish

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Happy New Year to all!

I am resolving to participate more on the Forum and get more involved in the LZOC. I wish I had more Zephyr experience to share, but I do know more now than I did eight years ago when I first joined and the five years since I got my first Lincoln, a '38 Coupe.

I am planning on attending the swap meet coming up this month and look forward to meeting other members especially any that live in the Maryland area.

As I see the membership declining and aging, I need to try harder to do more and do it in a positive manner.

I hope everyone has a healthy, happy New Year. Prosperous would be nice as well!

Phil Wimbish

'38 Coupe

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I am not an expert by any stretch but have a 26,xxx mile 38 coupe if you need info.

Hi Doug!

Thanks for the offer of help, I do appreciate it. If I remember correctly your '38 was featured in the way of the Zephyr? If so I'll try to dig up that old issue to refresh my memory.

My car is a barn find that has been sitting since 1956. I have done little to it since I purchased it, primarily because I have been sidetracked with two back surgeries since I bought it. Anyway, I want to get something going this year. I believe I have spoken to you about a spare engine that you have. Due to my health issues I don't have the funds to buy a running V12. I m thinking about putting in something else cheaper like an old flathead V8 so that I can drive this thing. I could be busy for quite awhile getting the brakes and everything else ready.

I am thinking I will start a thread on finding a nearby machine shop that I can trust to evaluate one of the two V12 engines that I have that are not running.

I'll look forward to future conversations!

Happy New Year to you!

Phil (fellow Hoosier!)

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