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1962 Starfire Convertible Frame Alignment


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Hello Folks,

Find attached some pix of my project, finally motoring of her own volition.

I am trying to tune the body alignments before replacing the convertible top (which will be light blue). I know I need to adjust the angle of the quarter windows somehow, and that the Fisher manual is the ticket for information, but having looked extensively for the Fisher manual for GM Full bodies I can say with confidence they seem to go extinct around 1958, reappearing in 1966.

Has some enterprising youth cornered the market on these rare tomes? Did Fisher stop to cut bait?

Is the trick easy enough to repeat here instead? I need to adjust door hinges and window spacings and alignments.

Best wishes for the New Year!







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Well, you've come pretty far with her. I'm impressed.

There is no such thing as a Fisher Body manual for '62. Body info was in the regular service manuals during these years, and, of course, you need a '61 Olds manual in order for your '62 supplement to be complete. You'll find what you need in the '61 service manual.


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Thanks for the encouragement and patience. I am most pleased to say I know what you know – this is a seriously fun car to drive – and worth the effort!

By the way, late last night I found the 1966 Fisher Manual online here:


It has the essential information I needed about loosening the fender to get to the hinges and a detailed frame maintenance guide as well as the vinyl top replacement instructions. Woo, woo!



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