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Is "seek" a bad word?

DH Comet

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I was listening to a cassette today in my '88 (reliving a golden past) when by accident I touched the "seek" button on the screen; the cassette deck immediately went into fast forward mode, seeking, I assume, the magic marker on the cassette that would tell it when the next song begins, but nothing will satisfy it, and it will now only fast forward, no matter what tape is in it. Does anyone know how to snap it back to reality?

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Guest Richard D

These cassette seek function worked by listening for the unrecorded gaps in between the songs. They need a three second gap minimum to work. If the tape has gotten old and has noise between songs it can not determine the gap and just keeps searching. You might try cleaning the heads with contact cleaner sprayed on a long Q-tip to remove built up oxide.

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