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1800 Miles Cross Country in my Dad's '41 Connie


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My Dad restored a 1941 Continental over the past 20 years and now it's time to pass the beauty to me. So, rather than doing the 'sensible' thing by putting the regal machine on a trailer and towing it from NC to CO, I intend to drive her. Understand, this is not a pristine example, but a decent driver, albeit, some of what was done to make her roadworthy is unknown. So, it's going to be a calculated cross country adventure this spring and summer. Probably going to to cover no more than 300 miles per day. See the sights. Stop and talk to folks. Few, if any interstates.

If you are within 50 miles of any of the cities-towns on the list below, let me know and we'll try to stop by to chat. I don't have dates figured out, yet, as I still have to go through the car and R&R all the fluids, do safety checks, acquire some spares we may need, etc. But, it will be after school is out at the end of May. My kids are 8 and 10 and will coming along for at least part of the trip. I may need helpers for pushing and handing me wrenches.

1. Aberdeen, NC

2. Asheboro, NC

3. Lexington, NC

4. Boone, NC

5. Johnson City, TN

6. Kingsport, TN

7. Corbin, KY

8. Danville, KY

9. Bardstown, KY

10. Elizabethtown, KY

11. Tell City, IN

12. Evansville, IN

13. Mt. Vernon, IL

14. St. Louis, MO

15. Hannibal, MO

16. Macon, MO

17. St. joseph, MO

18. Phillipsburg, KS

19. Oberlin, KS

20. McCook, NE

21. Imperial, NE

22. Holyoke, CO

23. Sterling, CO

24. Briggsdale, CO

25. Ft. Collins, CO

Send me an email: scott.shuler@colostate.edu or call me, 720-289-2153 and let me know if we can come by to visit and show you our Connie.



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