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1932 pierce arrow headlight lens?


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The 1931-32 Pierce Arrow lenses are:

fender (head) lights, Tilt Ray 914125, diameters 9-13/16 (outside), 9-5/32 (prism), 2 notches at 0 and 180 degrees (top and bottom)

auxiliary (parking) lights, Tilt Ray 914099, diameters 5-22/32 (outside), 5-11/32 (prism), 3 notches at 0 degrees (top) and at 120 and 240 degrees

This is from a booklet of lens data that I have, out of the September 1983 issue of Skinned Knuckles, for some reason it lists numerous makes of lenses but no "Twolite", nor could I find the 1603945 number listed. It lists a lot of different makes of cars, but no Fords, so if indeed it is a Ford lens it wouldn't be on my list.

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