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1949/50 Chrysler parts

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The C45/C46 1949 Chrysler convertible 1/4 panel belt mouldings are different than all other 1949-50 Chrysler 4dr/cpe's ect. Same for the door top mouldings and the two wrap around the back window mouldings-they too are convert only. All the mouldings sit on the top edge of the doors and 1/4 panels. They do not sit vertical as on the coupes and sedans.

Those are going to be tough trim pieces to find.

I looked the parts up in my 1949 Chrysler parts book.




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Apparently I can only use the belt line molding from a convertible; moldings from a coupe are different (see the following thread from c49er). I also need the housing for the two rear ashtrays. They were mounted on the side panels. The ash recepticals measure 3-1/2"H X 1-3/4"W.

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Thank you for the information. You saved me from a lot of hassle and expense. The part numbers I was given were 1303301 and 1303302. I guessing that these are for the left and right door moldings. I do not have the numbers for the wrap-around moldings. Could you please provide me those.

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I need the belt line molding for my 1949 Chrysler Windsor convertible. I believe it is identical to the Windsor coupe and used both 1949 and 1950.

These things are a pain in the butt. I had issues with them on my 1949 Desoto Convertible. I think they are the same.

The one thing to BE CAREFULL about is the clips. They are non-existent. If I was to do it again, I would put NutCerts into the holes in the body and then drill and counter sink the molding and then send them out to be chromed. That way, I could use polished stainless oval head machine screws to put them in place. It would look nice and be a lot easier to do than hunt for clips that do not exist.

Best, James

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