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1935 PAckard 1201 starting procedure

Guest Packardsforever

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Has it not been running for some time? First make sure the battery is new or good. The choke is automatic, but if it hasn't been run for quite a while, you may need to take the air cleaner off and pour a little gas in the carb. Make sure you put the air cleaner back on before trying to start it in case it backfires - rare, but possible. If there is no fuel in the line or bowl of the carb, it can take some time of cranking to get enought fuel up to the carb to fire the engine. There is a hand throttle on the center of the steering wheel, outside of the horn button, right side I think, opposite side is the light switch which has detents, the throttle does not. You can move the hand throttle open rather than using the accellerator pedal. You may have to pump the pedal some to get it started also and give it gas to keep it running. Idle problems are usually a carb that is out of adjustment, or possibly timing. If you need help adjusting the carb etc you can email me.

You can assume that the timing is ok, but if it doesn't start right off, you can check the spark by pulling a wire off at a plug and holding the end (with insulated pliers or at least back away from the end if just in your hand) about 1/4 inch away from the top of the plug to see if there is a spark jumping between. If not you may have to clean the contacts on the points.

Basically if everything is right on the car, all you should have to do is hold the throttle open part way (either hand or foot) and press the starter button. It will crank somewhat slowly, but it should start. Once it is warmed up, close the hand throttle to bring it back to idle.

Dave Mitchell packard12s@hotmail.com

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