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Tell me about duplicate keys and new remotes

Guest Sidney22

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Guest Sidney22

I need another set of keys for my 90 Reatta. Would like another remote as well. I noticed some blank keys and new remotes on ebay that say they'll work with Reattas. Will any stores cut that blank key for me if I take it in? Are the remotes that are listed as compatible with Reattas, really compatible? Thanks for the info ahead of time!

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For your '90, you will first need to find the resistance of the VATS (Vehicle Anti Theft System) chip in your key. That's the little black pellet.

You will have one of 15 resistances. You will need an ohm meter (preferably digital) set to the 20k ohm setting.

These values are approximate, but heres what you'll be looking for:

1 ~ 0.402

2 ~ 0.523

3 ~ 0.681

4 ~ 0.887

5 ~ 1.130

6 ~ 1.470

7 ~ 1.870

8 ~ 2.370

9 ~ 3.010

10 ~ 3.740

11 ~ 4.750

12 ~ 6.040

13 ~ 7.500

14 ~ 9.530

15 ~ 11.801

Once you find the resistance, you can buy a key on eBay. Say your resistance is 3.02 ohms. You'll probably need a #9 key.

If you'd prefer to bypass the whole VAT system, you can follow the instructions I outlined here: http://forums.aaca.org/f116/how-solve-no-start-security-light-325742.html

It is probably a good idea as preventive maintenance to bypass the system, and you'll also be able to just get a normal key made (not a $15 blank).

If you just want a key made, and aren't into the whole DIY thing, look up an automotive lock smith in your area. They'll be able to read the resistance and make you a key right then and there.

As far as remotes go, I prefer the Cadillac remotes that look a lot like OEM Reatta remotes: 91 92 93 94 95 96 Cadillac Keyless Entry Remote Key Fob Transmitter Number 2 | eBay

I have one for my convertible, and it works great. Buttons are bigger, good range, and looks factory. Pretty cheap on eBay too.

Good luck!

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Marck was reading his ohmmeter wrong but his information is basically correct.

If you look at a '90 shop manual in section 9D-5 and look at figure 6 you will see the correct resistances. To make Marck' chart correct simply move the decimal point three places to the right. EG # 1 resistance is actually 402 ohms and # 15 is 11,800

The last I heard purchasing these blanks at a local key supplier was about $ 20 plus the cut. I didn't look to see what they go for on Ebay.

I have one NOS # 9 3010 ohm uncut key that I will give away to anyone who has bought from me in the past.

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Guest Richard D

One of mine was in new condition (must have been the back-up set. The other was worn. I bought a spray can of silicone conformal coating (used on aircraft and marine circuit boards) from the local electronic supply house and sprayed the front of both fobs. In almost four years the one still looks new and the other is my back up set. They make two different coatings, one silicone the other acrylic. The acrylic tends to chip and flake off. If you need help finding some let me know. If yours are very worn the best way is to buy a new one from Ronnie.



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