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Vintage Delivery Trucks On Main Street U.S.A.: A Pictorial

Dave Gelinas (XP-300)

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Here is my first contribution to "Vintage Delivery Trucks On Main Street U.S.A.: A Pictorial"

From my personal collection.

This shows up on the Internet all the time. I 'd like to have the original.

IMO, This one as well as the next two photos are stunning.

In the 1930's Coca Cola went through the neighborhoods giving away samples. This truck would carry the dispensing equipment.

Awesome Are Deco Truck


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The following photos I tried to buy on ebay, but was unable to win.

Sometimes there were accidents on Main Street.

Below photos of a Dr. Pepper Truck flipped onto it's side.

The photos tell the whole story.

Circa Late 1940's early 1950's.

Are those kids helping in the clean up, or making a heist.






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The pic on the right in post #19 is a K Series Bedford and was shot in New Zealand. The registration plate appears to have a comma as punctuation which would suggest the pic was shot in the period 1951 to 1956 - License Plates of New Zealand The short-back-and-sides haircut of the milk vendor would help confirm that.

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