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40 series engine teardown


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Taking the engine apart in my 40 buick 40 series . Have the head, clutch and timing chain off. Pan and oil pump off. Does the flywheel have to come out attached to the crank? Bell housing has 2 bolts behind the flywheel holding it on the block. These are not accessible with flywheel in place. Flywheel will not clear crank bolts inside bell housing. Looks like I have to remove rods and main caps to get flywheel out. What am I missing here?

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If I remember rightly, you have to remove the rear main bearing to be able to access and remove the flywheel bolts.

Be very careful doing this as the flywheel can go back on wrong.

Be sure to mark the flywheel and crankshaft (centre punch or something) before you remove the flywheel so it goes back on from where it came or the timing mark will not be in the correct position. The holes are not staggered or dowelled for reference.

A very, very common problem. DON"T GET CAUGHT OUT !!!!


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