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Poly on Chrome Trim

Guest KeithElwell

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Guest KeithElwell

Dumb question for the forum.

Its been such a long time since I had a budget chrome job done on some of my interior trim pieces for my 1936 Buick that they had started to tarnish. I was able to shine them back up with chrome polish then cut and laid in black pinstripes in the grooves. I am tempted to coat these trim pieces with polyurethane to protect the pinstriping and maybe preserve the shine on the chrome and prevent tarnish.

Is this a bad idea? If the chrome tarnishes under the poly anyway, I would have a real mess to polish back up. Any advice?

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What type of chrome polish did you use ?

I use "Semichrome" which comes in a little tube and it's pink. Made in GERMANY.

I get it from the Yamaha dealer here in town.

It seems to last a long time after polishing.

I would not poly coat a stainless or chromed part, as you are correct, it will be a "bear" to remove.

Mike in Colorado

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Hi Keith,

I agree with Mike, and second the use of Simichrome for nickel, chrome, brass, and aluminum for great, long lasting polishing. Almost all hardware or automotive stores have it in tubes or larger cans. Excellent product!


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