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flood cars from New York State


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I having been checking, found out that New York State does not stamp registrations, with flood on them if the car is a per 1973 car, That has been totaled by the insurance company because of super storm Sandy.

1973 and up cars are titled cars and will have a marked title. So if you buy a car from NYS, have it checked. I have heard of dealers buying cars off of a well known auction site (not Ebay) and then cleaning them up and then selling them.

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This car was 'soaked' according to the seller which leads to the question, fresh water or salt water? .

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[TD=class: vi-is1-clr, colspan: 3] Rockaway Park, New York, United States






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THIS CAR WAS SOAKED in the recent Hurricane and was then sent back to our family mechanic to go over and rebuild just about anything that needed redoing! He had rebuilt many components and has fixed most issues and changed all fluids and removed & flushed gas tank, the car runs well with the rebuilt carburator , new top motor, window motors,and many other rebuilt parts and switches. Cars runs and drives, windows are working, lights and directional's are all working, most everything is working fine as it was!
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Pre-1973 cars in New York State have no title. Only a registration. Rockaway park was under salt water during Sandy. Buyer beware.

There is a former naval base near me with some of the largest runways in the world. Currently, those runways are being used as giant parking lots for Sandy-soaked cars.

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It was the same story after Hurricane Katrina here in The greater New Orleans / Mississippi Gulf Coast area. Huge lots filled with water-damaged cars, and a great many of them were as a result of salt water.

Cars belonging to members of the St. Bernard Chapter of Louisiana RegionAACA were severly affected back then - some under 15 - 30 feet of salt water for up to 6 weeks and longer. The potential for major damage from hidden rust / corrosion, as well as for severe damage to electrical components and connectors is more and more likely with salt water. The long term damage far exceeds what most collectors or buyers would assume.

In most cases, only off-chassis restoration with total immersion in a solution such as Redi-Strip or similar dip will ensure the future of the chassis and other components, and typically the wiring and connectors should be replaced in their entirety, as should carpet and upholstery. Even the seat springs should be dipped.

One local member, attempting to find a car similar to the one he lost, was trying to buy one through an internet site. It seemed the perfect choice until he checked the VIN: It was his severely salt-water-damaged car with the title "washed" by registering in a state which does not require the term "Reconstructed"!

My best advice to anyone buying a car for the next few years, is to be extremely careful to research the chain of ownership, as well as to carefully inspect the car, and to have an expert, maybe a qualified appraiser, inspect the car thoroughly as a "Pre-Purchase" inspection. Don't rush into a deal which could come back to bite you. Honest sellers will not object to your careful approach.

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A friend of mine in Rockaway Park had his 3 antique cars submurged ('37 Chrysler 4dr cvt to name one) and it was salt water, fuel oil, sewege and various chemicals from around the neighborhood. Any flooded car has potential for ongoing problems. Salt will contuniue to "feed" on wires and such that are hidden. Seat springs and all the other things you can not see. BEWARE! look for sand where you don't normally find it (on top of intake, inside fuse boxes etc)

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