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LaBaron Factory Upholstery and Paint Portfolio - 1929 to 1930 Pierce Arrow.


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I was just cleaning up some of my car junk in my master bedroom closet, and came across this neat little piece of the Custom Body Era. Most people have not seen these leather bound boxes, and I thought I would post a few photos. I have several different ones, both Pierce and Cadillac, but it shows what was available when money was no object. It's from the New York City LeBaron showroom for 1929 and 1930. It held samples of paint, upholstery, and striping choices. There are samples for headliners, seats, and "fake" convertible top fabrics. If anyone else would like to share their CCCA ERA dealer or showroom goodies, PLEASE DO! There was an amazing amount of stuff in the dealerships. Enjoy, Ed



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32, I'll only comment on the three colors I have seen and known to be correct. All three Pierce Arrow's of 1931. The first is a metallic platinum used on a 1931 Series 42 Dual Cowl for factory promotional purposes. I have a actual sample of the paint. Today it looks like a turgid dark brown puddle with some metallic in it. Photos of the car new show it looking like a brilliant silver / gray in the black and white photos. Another 31 series 41 touring was special ordered in India in "Brilliant Red' and the car still survives. I have spoken to someone about the car, and they said the current color is identical to what they found. I would describe it as a medium red with some orange in it, mild by today's shades, but it must have been outstanding when new. The last is a 31 series 41 Brunn Enclosed Drive Limousine. It was a purple plum, but "much more purple than plumb" described to me by a Pierce Arrow factory driver in the 80's who also shuttled the real Silver Arrows around the dealership. They ( The real Silver Arrows) were tan when new. The factory driver said ALMOST all the cars were very conservative, and no other cars stood out in his memory. He also worked for Stutz and Wills St Claire. I sold a 31 Cadillac Fleetwood convertiable that had a light brown body and "burnt orange moon" wheels. The orange was quite bright, and it held up well. Ed

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