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1929 Pontiac Information

Guest icetimothy

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Guest icetimothy

Im going to look at one in the area, were there different models in 29?

Trans ? was it a muncie? It is a four door sedan all apart! Was soft wood used like the chevrolet?

Any help on what to look at or are parts available for the 29 pontiac?

I know nothing about them , but the car sounds interesting.

Any help would be great!!!



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Pontiac did not use model years as a designation until 1932. So a Pontiac registered as a 29 could be a "New Series 6-28" or a "Series 6-29". The "New Series 6-28" is a good car easily identified as it has 12 spoke wheels and a torquetube drive. However a "Series 6-29" is a much superior car, easily identified with 10 spoke wheels and hotchkiss drive (open driveshaft). The wood framing is different to the Chev in dimension but the same type of wood. If yours is a 4 door sedan it is either a model 8920 (6 windows) or 8930 (with Landaulet bars). The transmission is a GM (same case as Chevrolet but different ratios as the Pontiac was a short stroke engine with full pressure lubrication. Parts are not easy to find but anything can be made.

Unless you are an accomplished wood worker or have lots of money you would be better off looking at a restored Pontiac or going to something with a Budd body. Not to try to scare you but woodwork could easily cost you $5,000, upholstery another $5,000, paint $4,000 not counting body work. I had my rad shell replated in 1962 for $100.00 today it would cost $1500. There are several restored Pontiacs of this vintage for sale in the $20,000 to $30,000 range and good older restored ones in the $10,000 to $16,000 range. In todays market a restored car can be bought for about half of the restoration costs.

Having said that I have enjoyed my Pontiac for 53 years. My Pontiac was bought new by my Grandfather and had 99,000 miles on it when it became my daily driver in 1959. It now has 499,000 miles on it an I am overhauling my engine for the second time. I have found that I can cruise on the interstate roads at 55 mph all day with no trouble.

The choice of course is up to you. If I can give you any help just ask.

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