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NOS Thermostats looking for information on.


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Hello, I am trying to identify these old thermostats, most are Dole and Wizard (Western Auto) Brands. I have a couple of Dole Catalogs, but none of these are listed. I cannot find a Western Auto or Wizard Catalog anywhere to reference those parts. Any help on identifying any of these would be great. The Dole part numbers are; B, BCM, BFLA, BN, B-60A, BPCH, and PA. The Wizard part numbers are; T7950, T7955, T7965, T7960, T7915, and T7910. I also have a few odd ones listed at the end; Harrison #1251, Gates #5526, Tru-Temp #645, Heaterstat G-852 and G-856.post-61534-143139305951_thumb.jpg







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