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'39 Buick Team Membership??


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Hi, Gang. I have long admired the good spirit and excellent information provided by '39 Buick Team members here on the pre-war Buick forum. As the long-time owner of two of these great cars, could someone please tell me more about this esteemed group of 1939 Buick nuts? Thanks. John

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Well John, were a group of guys who have an association with 1939 Buicks, and who accidentaly discovered how to change a few settings in the User CP. Membership can be gained by going into your garage with your favourite beer and toasting your good (or mis) fortune owning one. In New Zealand, an acceptable beer would be Steinlager Pure or Speights Summit. There may be other stuff as well. I'm sure the others will let you know!



PS A great sense of humor is an advantage!

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To be a member you need an appreciation of '39 Buick's. Apart from that, no other requirements. The '39 Buick Team only exists here in the forum.

To join edit the text under your name to '39 Buick Team Member. That's all it is
Click on your name (top right)

My settings

Profile settings

Profile info: add '39 Team member

Then shows under you name in a post

Danny started this so he is official team captain.
He has a photo of the team headquarters (his Buick shed)

'39 Members (in signature or under screen name) [1939 model type]

- airbrushguy Frank, NJ [61]
- ANZAC Buick64 Andrew, Australia/NZ [41]
- BJE ??,ID [46]
- buick4547 Jim [?]

- BuickBob49 Bob, ?? [81]

- bushocker Ron, PA [46C]
- danhar1960 Danny, Australia [41]
- dynaflash8 Earl, FL [41 and many others bought and sold]
- fordman2 Geoff, New Zealand [90] An impressive car ex NSW, Australia
- glassesguy Dave, OH [41]
- gmorse Gary, FL [48]
- Grant Magrath Grant, New Zealand [46]
- grhouse Gene, TN [41]
- ipswichbuick John, MA [41 grandfather's car from new]
- jck55buick Jeff, NE [90H]
- jshaw Jim, MN [41]
- JT 39 Jim, NV [41]

- JRHaelig John,NJ [46] 

- jvelde John, TX [46]
- John R Murray John, NJ [61]

- lunchbox_xx Jamie, WI [41]
- Locowrench Guy, MD [41]
- m_kent Mike, NM [46]
- Machinist_Bill Bill, [41]
- Rexbuick Rex, Australia [41]
- sherwood3333 Sherwood, NM [41]
- sleeve-valve Dave, RI [46]
- TECAKE ?, CA [61C & ?6]
- terryky Terry [41]
- Terry Stock Terry, New Zealand [41]
- Tom_Tams Tom, BC Canada [41]
- Vette58 Uli, Germany [41]
- 1939_buick Allan, New Zealand [41 x 3]
- 2carb40 Greg, MN [46]
- 39buickeight Billy, KY [41]
- 39Cent Dave, CA [61 & 66]
- 39time ?, UT [61]

May be others

Honorary members (who should join)
- FLYER15015 Mike, CO [1940 Ltd] but it was built in 1939
- 39convertible, Janne, Sweden [66C & 46 parts car]
- Jolly_John, John, WI [41]
- barney-eaton Barney, TX [66]
- 39Limited ?, MN [90]
- frazer51 ?, PA [41]
- belkus8 Mike, NE [41]
- vt39 Richard, ?? [??]
- Bob H, Bob, OR [41, 46 & 46C] How to Restore a 1939 Buick Special Convertible
- Ken J Ken, NM [41]

- Larsg Lars, Chile [46]
- OwenC Owen, New Zealand [41 x 4] 1 owned since about 1960
- 39pickels Vernon, AZ [61]
- londi Morris, Switzerland [81C]
- bobgould Bob, ?? [66S]
- 36 cad Frank, ?? [4?]
- collision454 ??, ?? [41]
- steamgas Tex,?? [46]
- Alr116 Lou, Australia [??]
- bujumbura ??, ?? [61]
- RDMSTER ??, ?? [81C]
- OneSpecialBuick John, WA [41]
- Downtimesfl ?, FL [46 x 1.5]
- Brad Donaldson Brad, ?, ?
- 66Grandeguy Ken, Alberta CA [41]

- Roadmaster Russ Russ, GA [81]

- tadp Tad, ??? [4?]

- vegabill ??,??,4?

- Boaterhat J?,CA [61]


We like photos.



Slowly updating links for the new software

Have noted many '39 team members have not logged in some years. Some more than 5years ago

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List of useful threads & information for '39 owners

1:- '39 Buick Team member car's
1.1 39Buickeight Ongoing restoration of his 1939 model 41. Many of us keenly follow this fine restoration (at home)
03 Dec 2009 - 1939 Buick special restoration

1.2 ANZAC Buick64 Restoration of a 1939 model 41 in New Zealand. Car has been in family ownership for a long time
27 Mar 2013 - Vehicle identification Plates on 1939 series 40 for NZ Buick
18 May 2013 - Progress and A Question
12 Oct 2013 - The more you look the more you find(sigh)
03 Feb 2014 - Rust Conquered in the '39
06 Mar 2014 - Colour of 1939 Buick

07 Aug 2014 - Photos of Wood graining in a 1939?
11 Dec 2014 - Vanishing Numbers on 1939 Sedan (Speedo)
18 Dec 2014 - Wood Graining in the 1939 Special

28 Feb 2015 -  Robe Rail Brackets on the 1939 Sedan

07 Aug 2015 - The 1939 nears completion

Note: In Jan 2019 ANZAC Buick64 and his wife sadly passed away


1.3 Grant Magrath & family restoration of a 1939 46.

Imported from USA to New Zealand and restored in a suburban garage, including painting & engine rebuild
30 Jan 2009 - 1939 Buick Coupe work in progress!
20 Mar 2009 - More pix of the 39 coupe!
26 Sep 2009 - 1939 Buick upholstry options!!!

21 Jan 2010 - 1939 Parklights  (front fender side lights)

27 May 2010 - 1939 Coupe before and after pics
27 May 2010 - 1939 Coupe before and after pics part 2
22 May 2010 - Speaking of 1939 coupe interiors.....
06 Nov 2010 - 1939 Coupe update
03 Feb 2011 - A Beautiful Series 40 Came to Visit

17 Mar 2012 - 1939 Gearbox removal

29 May 2012 - Dash Restoration Thread
06 Nov 2012 - 1939 Gearbox fun and games..

1.4 lunchbox_xx Restoration & modification of his 1939 model 41
10 Jan 2012 - 1939 Buick rebuild Wisconsin (in Buick pre-war forum)
10 Jan 2012 - 1939 Buick rebuild Wisconsin (in our cars & restoration forum)

1.5 RexBuick Restoration of a GM Holden 1939 series 40 in Australia.
1939 Buick 8/40 Special Sedan web site

1.6 39convertible Restoration of a 1939 66C in Sweden. Restoration has slowed as Janne is enjoying his new '58 Roadmaster and Indian motor bikes
29 Jun 2008 - '39 66C
31 Dec 2008 - more pictures of the '39 convertible project

1.7 Unknown 1939 Buick coupe blog    (
1939buickcoupe.blogspot.com Link not active)
Some good workmanship and very good photos. The car, in the condition at the end of the blog, was sold on ebay. Was a good buy. Hope it has been restored and not hot rodded.

Chris Ritter (Head Librarian AACA Library) 1937 Buick Special Business Coupe: A Restoration Journal (this is good)


2:- VIN and Numbers
Cars up the early 1950's did not have a VIN as we know them today. Wikipedia Vehicle Identification Number
For 1939's it will/should have a
- frame serial number on a plate riveted to the the frame near the starter motor (on other years can be in a different place)
- an engine number near the distributor
- a data plate on the firewall. Should have 39-4xxx, unique body number and have codes for paint & trim (xxx= depends on style)
Threads on this topic
VIN  1939 Buick Century, with a good summary of 1939 coding by Sean1997
1939 Buick VIN  With information by Sean1997
vehicle identification plates 1939 series 40
1939 Buick   - VIN decode   (link lost)
1939 Buick 80 roadmaster question
VIN numbers - for 1939 Century?    (Link lost)
1940 Limited - Inquiry  Decoded
1953 Buick Super Engine number Info that Sean & others can provide
Identifying your Buick - Buick Heritage Alliance

3:- Literature
Buick Books etc

Buick owners Bookshelf

Found cheap master parts book on CD Rock Auto





4:- Information

Buick production by plant by Sean1997. Very good reading

1932-1975 Buick trim codes by model by Sean1997. Very good reading

Buick Straight 8 Engines  Buick Heritage Alliance

wikipedia  Buick Straight-8 engine

Classiccar data base . com  Not always accurate

Carnut.com  Not always accurate

Straight eight engine numbers serial numbers

36-38 division of Buick Club of America (BCA)


5:- Engine

Unusual 1938 248 Engine serial number

Request year information   Casting numbers and engine identification by year

1939 Special 41 engine identification  Interesting

Straight eight engine serial numbers

248 Engine ID? - Strange Numbers - Need Your Help RE number in a '38

1939 buick engine casting number


1936 - 1939 carburetor interchange-differences on 320 ci motors

Carter 419-S Carb Question

Dual Carb set up

1941 dual main Carters    *good*

Carburator mystery in my '39 320ci

WDO Carb questions Carter 419S - 440S - 474S

1941 Buick dual stromberg carbs tuning?

39 carb 1939 series 40 Stromberg carburettor rebuild

How do pre-war 39-41 Buick "oil bath" air intake systems work?
How I flushed out my Buick engine block

1939 Buick Coupe overheating issue

1939 Buick crankshaft   Second thread on this topic

1939 series 40 crankshaft

1939 vacuum line and fuel line info needed

248 engine general questions about my '39

1939 special motor mount question

Putting a 263 into the '40

Vacuum Spark Advance

1939 Engine how to rebuild?

248 head problem 1949 series 40 sedanet

248 vs 320

1940 56S Motor update

Vacuum port size on 248 engine manifold

Oil in vacuum pump (link lost)
Is there a difference between 1936 and 1938 Special engines?

Babbitt bearings and shims on my 1940 248

How to stop rear main seal leaks

1940 248 engine - modern engine oil?

Oil Restrictor in head of 263 engine (teambuick.com)

Wrist pin noise in a 248? (teambuick.com)
1941 Buick Flywheel Install

41 Buick 248 babbit bearings

1939 Buick Special radiator removal procedure

1939 Buick front panel removal

Time to pull the engine on our 39 Special 40. Cowl & fender removal?

248 straight eight head rebuild for a 1941

1939 Buick Series 40 pistons and carburetion
Alteration to 263cu.in crankshaft For a 1939 248ci

Oil Filter canister for '39 Buick  (link lost)

Broken Bolts in engine block 1937 special

Valve Job Rebuild Questions 1949 320 Roadmaster sedanette  And acid clean block
'39 Oil Leaks - Advice Needed Distributor & Oil Pressure
1940 248 Distributor rebuilding

Exhaust System Testimonial 1939 46

Dipstick length on a 248ci 1937

Advice on Rebuilding a Cylinder Head - 1949 Roadmaster 320

1939 248 engine rocker arm assembly question 1942 oil deflector

Rebuilding a water pump

1939 Buick Special fuel pump/issue?  When the car sits for a few days, it takes forever for the fuel to get back to the carb and fire"


'39 Heat Risers

Manifold Numbers. What year are these? by a 1940 46C owner

Saving a 1952 4 Barrel intake 320ci straight 8

Manifold gaskets post 2 is very good

Big Series (320) Exhaust Manifold Restoration History

1939 Buick 320 issues  manifold holes

Regular torquing of exhaust manifold nuts?
Straight 8 Exhaust Manifold These crack

Straight 8 exhaust manifold gasket leak (47 super)

248 v 320 Manifold dimensions

Exhaust gasket straight eight  1947 Roadmaster. Post 5 is good

Changing intake/exhaust manifold gaskets 1940 buick 60 Series

I may have picked the wrong machine shop - St. manifold problems

263 I8 Intake Manifold Ring Seal - 1951, 52, 53  Same for most (all?) straight 8's

1939 320ci manifold leaks

1940 248 manifold frozen bolt/nuts

Help needed on manifold issue  1939 Buick 46 Coupe

Identify year of intake/exhaust manifold - straight 8    4 bolt carb straight 8 263ci 1950-52 series 40 and 50, and 1953 series 40

1939 248 exhaust heat riser valve

Straight eight manifold gaskets

263 straight 8 manifold gaskets


6:- Transmission & Drive Line
1939 Gearbox rebuild time
Pilot bearing (link lost)
'39 Transmission (link lost)
'39 Buick Special pops out of 3rd gear?
1939 Buick rear axle ratios
1939 rear end ratios
1939 66 transmission parts
1939 66 clutch  (link lost)

1939 input shaft  series 60 shaft & retainer

1939 Buick century series 60 clutch/transmission issue

1940 transmission shift levers swapped
Bell housing removal 1940

39 buick clutch removal   Use a clutch pack for a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee 6 Cyl.

1939 series 40 transmission snap ring failure  (link lost)

1939 Spec trans brg numbers

1937 Buick Special Series 40 manual to automatic transmission conversion

39 Buick pops out of 3rd gear....?

Trans pops out of 3rd gear on deceleration - 1941 Fixed by a new snap ring

'39 Special Transmission Rebuild Commences

'39 Special - Looks Like I Need A New Gearbox

'39 Business Coupe Transmission Reassembly

1939 Special - Transmission Availability

Can't Shift My 1939 Business Coupe

1939 Special Transmission Video

39 tranny interchange?

39'Buick special series 40 -Transmission parts

1939 Roadmaster 81, clutch & brake pedal adjustment

1939 Buick Driveline Vibration Question

Propeller shaft seals

1939 Gearbox Removal

1939 Gearbox fun and games....

39 Buick linkage problem


Overdrive Information 38 Buick

Gear Vendors Overdrive Install photos on 41 Century

The overdrive mod begins for a 1938 model 41

Gear Vendors overdrive


Torque ball question for 1939 Buick

Torque tube separation from torque ball

1939 Buick 40 series Torque Ball

Buick special 1939, loose joint/torqueball  *Good detail*

New 1939 Special Torque Ball Set Up, Need a Little Help

1939 Buick Torque Ball Needed

1939 Buick  Torque Ball  [Teambuick]

1939 Buick - Torque Ball lining replacement

'39 torque tube/ball/gasket info needed
"39 Torque Ball seal

1939 Buick 40 Special Torque ball question

Thud when starting out  Drive line - torque ball issue?


7:- Steering, suspension, wheels, brakes etc
1939 Buick Special 40 front shock question
1939 Special steering box
1939 Special wheel interchange
1939 Steering Shaft Worm Gear
!939 Pitman Arm
Pitman Shaft Bushing and Steering Worm Gears
1939 Buick Special lower control arm bushings
1939 steering wheel identification/info  Has full dimensions
'39 Buick Century 15" wheel specs?
1936 Special master cylinder blasphemy or good upgrade?
Brake Drums for My 1936 Buick Roadmaster 1936    1936 series 60 & 80 and 1937-38-39 series 80

1936 wheel/hub size
wheel compatibility 1939 special 16"
1939 shocks  Series 40 rear

WTB 1939 Buick Special Inner Control Arm Shafts   info on part numbers

1937 Buick brakes

A Question for 1938 and 1939 BUICK Owners   Lost steering lock key


  8:- Lights & Electrical
'39 Buick- Check before you throw it out !!
WTB 1938 Buick headlight lens
1939 Fender Lights
1939 Headlight lenses
Newbie with 38 McLaughlin Limo  Includes lens ID info

39 Special 40 Harness
1939 6V Voltage regulator Identification

6 Volt to 12 Volt Conversion '37
Gas Gauge 38 Buick  (Link lost)

'39 special instrument panel bezel removal

How to remove headlight switch from '39 dash

1939 Parklights  Front fender side lights. Photos of 38 & 39 lens. Perspex repro


9:- Body & Trim
Reproduction Knob Source
  Good quality plastic repro knobs for '39's
Plastic knobs for 1939 Buick From Oct 2000

1939 buick front panel removal
1939 Buick heater question
1939 Buick Special Holden Body - Gravel Deflector - Rear Bumper
1939 color options
Colour of 1939 Buick
Time to pull the engine on our 39 Special 40. Cowl & fender removal
1939 Radio Buttons?
1939 grille question
39 Buick 40 Special Coupe Interior?
1940 56S Wiper Questions
Photos of Wood graining in a 1939?
1939 46C sun visors
1939 Buick Special radiator removal procedure
Vanishing Numbers on 1939 Sedan
  Speedo numbers

1939 Buick Trunk forward wall
39 Buick Special rear stone shields Streamboards & stone guards
Is there a way to determine a cars original color by a the VIN? 
  From data plate on a 1939 model 41

WTB 1939 horn ring
Robe rail brackets on the 1939 series 40 sedan
'39 wing window vent seal
  (Link lost)

How to make knobs from Knobsoup Does make '39 knobs (Link lost)
1939 Buick Special escutcheon sizes/where?
1939 Special firewall holes - what goes where?

1939 Radio information

How the heck do I service the divider window (1941 Limited)?

Fender supports. What do they look like (Link lost) 

1939-49 opera 1/4 window weatherstripping


10:- Other
Buick Special 41T 8 cylinder model 1939 (Taxi job)
1939 Buick 2 door on postcard
1939 Buick Frames
39 series 40 long frame (bumper spacer?)
1939 Buick Special Numbers Interesting
1939 difference between series 40 and 60?
1939 Photo difference between Special and Century
1939 sequoia cream sedan?
'39 Fisher vs Holden
  GM Holden Australia body shell differnt

How do I determine if my 1939 Buick is a "matching number" vehicle
1939 Buick model 48
  (Lost link)

Little differences for '39
Mclaughlin vs Buick
The Royal Tour Buick - Canada's most historic automobile IMHO
1940 Buick Special 3rd owner and 1st project 
  Good list of links & suppliers

Barn find 1939 Buick
1937 & 1939 Buick Carlton bodies
We like pictures
Original Price 39 Buick Special              (Link lost)
Three black 1939 Buick's at North Texas Chapter meeting today
1939 Buick Ivory Soap jingle winner cars

1939 small and large series jack

1939 Buick Roadmaster 81 SED (In Russia)

1939 filler neck/fender info?  [ Series 40 replacing with a '39 Chev tank]

1939 Special fuel tank

39 Buick Special Gas Tank (39 Chev)

Australian 1939 Buick


11:- Suppliers
Disclaimer for information only: not a recommendation. Alphabetical order
Bobs Automobilia Have a good reputation

Buick Farm
CARS - Old Buick Parts
Classic NOS Parts
Classic Buicks
Buick Parts 1946 - 1976
Dave Tachney Parts out pre-war Buick's. Is hard to contact, but has a good reputation

Fusick Automotive Products

North West Transmission
Olsons Gaskets
Rock Auto

12: High speed diff's for pre war Buick's
Many pre war Buick owners want to put higher speed diff's to be able to cruise on the highway with lower engine RPM.
1940 to 1955 swap relatively easy. With the original torque tube, not much more than a bolt in.

From  1940 the torque tube is bolted/flanged to the diff. 1939 and earlier was rivited.
The 1937 & 1938 guys machine the housing & cut & weld torque tubes.  There are several good articles in www.1937and1938Buicks.com [ Now in custody of the 1937-38 division of Buick Club of America - Matt Hinson]
1939 diff's are a 1 year only design with many unique parts. No known report of swap, other than 3.9 from a series 60

High Speed rear end gears (1940 80 series, with links to other threads)
third member  Wanted to buy third member 1940 Special
1939 rear end ratios
40's rear end gears
Ring and pinion 1937 Special  (link lost)
1939 Buick rear axle ratios
Swapping Rear Ends ?  1940 series 90 Buick
Longer legs for my 47 Buick Super
1941 Crown and pinion change Roadmaster
rear gear swap For a 1948 Buick Roadmaster on www.teambuick.com
I want to lower my engine RPM at highway speed - 1953 Special
39 Special Rear Gear Swap
1939 Buick rear axle ratios
3.90 Ring & Pinion interchange for '36 Special
Differential interchange For 1940 Pontiac
Rear end ratios For 1937 Pontiac
Rear end question Pontiac
1938 Buick Special rear axle ratios? Upgrades?
ring and pinion 1935 series 40. Modify a 1933-35 Chev-Ponti ring & pinion
'36 Century rear (link lost)
'37 Special diff gears upgrade
1949 Roadmaster ring & pinion or rear end

4.88 gears  Or slipping clutch for 1934 1935?

The overdrive mod begins  For a 1938 model 41

Rear End Gear Swap For 1938 46

Buick Special 1948 rear differential ratio  Good explanation of drive shaft/torque tube change over

1937 Buick Rear End Swap


Working toward to eliminate unwanted hyper link errors as above (with limited success)



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I am really happy being a team 39 meamber these guys are great and have alot of info about the car and were to find stuff and they dont care if you are rodding it out or going back to stock this club and the guys are great.

Thanks to you all for all the help so far and in the years to come

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G'day to all my yobbo mates out there in the Pre War Buicks forum.

I sit here in the " '39 Buick Team" World headquarters just having come in from the 100F temperature and the family pre Christmas barbie.

I have a pretty full belly of chops, snags and prawns swimming around in a gallon of XXXX and feeling pretty happy with it all. Not sure I should have pushed down that last piece of pav though..........

As your "unofficial captain", you are hereby ordered to have a happy and safe Xmas, to be thankful of the things you do have and to appreciate your loved ones while you still can.

Jolly John, your credentials are more than enough to qualify you for membership in the '39 Buick Team (don't blame us if you lose a few marbles along the way) but I'd go with Grant's suggestion here just for the fun of it.

Mike, it is acceptable at this time of year for special dispensations to be made and as such you are hereby duly accepted into the '39 Buick team.

Go ahead guys and adjust your text as per the instructions from the teams technical guru 1939_buick.

Merry Xmas again guys .



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Hi Cap'n Dan. Two important items are that (1) I've lost your email address and would like to send you pictures of my almost finished '39 Special convertible coupe and (2) I've sent my '41 Roadmaster on to another low-number BCA member in Texas and would like to delete it from my profile, but: I'm too old to figure out how to do that. Any team member know how?

Again, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Earl Beauchamp BCA #55

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Thank you captain Danny.

But so as not to confuse the "newby's" I'll keep that round in the chamber.

How would it look to have (Honorary '39 Buick Team Member) above that great big honking '40 Buick avatar of mine ?????

Merry Christmas to all, and God save the queen !

Mike in Colorado

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Do you accept "honorary" members ?

According to my numbers the "Baby" was built in Flint the second week of September "39.

Mike in Colorado

Yes :D. Hey you only need to accept that '39 are better :):rolleyes: :cool:

You could start the '40 Team member's

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Two things Cap'n Danny and all my friends. Streamboards, hubcaps, trim rings, steering wheel all kept home, away from the upholsterer, so that explains the ugly no hubcaps look. And, the lighting betrays the darkness of the seat upholstery which is more dark red than the light color of the flourescent shop bulbs and flash. Thanks for posting Danny.

To date since bringing the car back to Sebring, we've been working on some mechanical issues from being in the shop and not started for seven months, and there are a few "fit" issues to repair since all of that was first done with no upholstery or weatherstrip.

Almost forgot: Merry Christmas to all!

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One for the team:- http://forums.aaca.org/f115/story-week-1939-buick-342845.html



4.88 gears  Or slipping clutch for 1934 1935?

The overdrive mod begins  For a 1938 model 41

Rear End Gear Swap For 1938 46

Buick Special 1948 rear differential ratio  Good explanation of drive shaft/torque tube change over

1937 Buick Rear End Swap

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Very cool sign (post #7)! You should make them and sell them to team members!

Anybody planning to bring their '39 to Indiana in July for the national meet? I hope to get my 90 there, would be nice to find a trailer for an easier trip! Drove it to Colo Springs and Iowa, but not to Danvers and Charlotte.

Happy New Year eveybody!

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Hey Dan, I was reading an old post of yours and you said you put slipper type conrods in your '39. Where did you get the rods, or did you have the old ones machined? I have a '39 special sedan. The old bloke I bought it from said the motor has never been touched. I pulled the sump off and took shims out of the bigends to get the correct clearance, but the shaft is a bit rough so I want to get it ground and put slipper bearings in when the time comes.

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G'day Laurie.

Always good to see another '39er pop his head up.

You are eligible to become one of the highly coveted positions of being a " '39 Buick Team Member ".

What part of the world are you in ??

I had my original rods converted to take off the shelf bearings.

The local engine reconditioners here in Sydney had some master bearings/dimensions list to choose from. They selected the bearings and modified the rods to suit. if I remember rightly (20+ years ago) the crank was ground 0.020" and the slippers were from a '60s slant six Chrysler.


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  • 2 months later...

I'm joining the '39 Buick Team. I don't know how much I can contribute, but since my car is all original except for paint and interior door panels I might be able to help verify the correctness of a certain part or finish. When I look at online photos of restored '39's I notice all the incorrect parts. You often see painted rather than wood grain dashes or the wrong steering wheel and such.I will enjoy getting to know you and your '39 Buicks.

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  • 2 months later...
  • 5 weeks later...

G'day Barney,

You are more than qualified to be "'39 Buick Team Member".

(I thought you had done so a while back)

You can edit the text under your name to '39 Buick Team Member.

Go to settings, Edit profile, Your details, Custom User Title.

Replace Senior member with '39 Buick Team Member.

It will then be displayed under you name in all your posts.

Wear the title with pride and honour as you are now part of a world famous and highly elite group. :):):)


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