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in carlisle, pa. today, merry christmas to all


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hi, i've been an over the road truckdriver for 15 years next month, i have delivered or picked up freight in 46 states, the two states that keep avoiding me are montana and north dakota, lol. i delivered this morning in carlisle, pa. a load of milk and butter that i picked up the other morning in henderson, co. as i'm waiting for the new load information from my dispatcher, i sure wish there was a swap meet going on here today. i have yet to enjoy going to either carlisle or hershey swap meet. i want to wish everyone here in the aaca forum, the merriest of christmas to you and your family and friends. also and early happy new year to all. doesn't matter if i'm home, or on the road with my laptop computer, checking in to see what's new in the forum is right up there with checking my emails or seeing if i had any good luck on ebay. coming east from the denver area the other day, a blizzard snow storm shutdown interstate 70 east of bennett, co, so i was lucky that i ended up shutdown as well, getting a fresh start the next morning, i ended up having good driving and road condition all the way to carlisle. my only wish for the new year is that i wish for everyone one of us in the old car hobby have more days in 2013 to enjoy our toys that we did in 2012. again, the merriest of christmas and the happiest of new year to all. stay well, and be safe. charles coker, 1953 pontiac tech advisor.

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Guest 4 bufords

thank you charles and a merry christmas back at you.stay safe out there as lots of people don't pay attention to their driving,4 bufords from ct

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Guest Foggy norm

Back at cha, buddy!

Started in 1971, stopped driving last year. Hope you get near home during the Holiday's...stay warm...norman

Honestly, if there was a swap meet happening now, I would envy you.

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