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Anyone have contact info 1924 Lincoln

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Does anyone by chance have contact info for the owner of this 1924 Lincoln Model L, 135 series? I'd like to correspond with him and if possible secure additional pictures of the interior. As I understand it was shown at the 2006 Hilton Head Concours. Pictures would assist me in the reconstruction of the interior of my 1924 134 series. Photo credits to conceptcarz.com

Thank you,

Ian Evans


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Jack Passey in Nor Cal is the early (non-Zephyr) Lincoln guy in the nation, 'tho haven't seen him in years simply as Bay Area traffic has my Packard and i under house arrest. Believe he's still around, should be in the CCCA Directory, Lincoln Club. He might know.

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This Lincoln is owned by Jim Schmidt of Florida, a member of many automobile clubs, including AACA, CCCA and Lincoln Owners Club. It is probably the finest restored example of its type.

That is Jim driving this car too! ;)

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