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Candy cane saves the day!

dan at larescorp

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I took the wife out for dinner last night. Nothing fancy. Just a place to sit down and have a nice time.

In the middle of our meal we overhear the waitress talking to one of the other customers about how they were locked out of their car, and didn't have the money to call a locksmith.

Now it being close to the holidays I felt it was my duty to go back to the house to get my lockout kit and get these people back into their car.

I drove back to the house and started looking around for my kit. While searching I come across the inflatable bag to open the top of the door, but cannot find the rod to unlock the door.

After searching for about ten minutes I found an old cb whip (antenna). I figure "This should work". All I have to do is reach in, hit the unlock switch, and presto they should be on their way.

I get back to the restaurant, go find the couple, and they walk me out to their Saturn.

Time to get to work.

I put the bag in the top of the door, and inflate it. The top of the door opens enough to get the whip in. I slide it down to the door handle and give that a pull first. No luck.The door won't unlock that way.

So next I try for the unlock button. I get the whip angled just right, press the button, and ...... nothing happens. Turns out the button hasn't been working for a while now.

My only option left is to go for the lock switch itself. My problem is the whip is a strait piece with no angle on the end and the lock switch is mounted next to the door handle....What to do?

After trying to get the whip to hook on the lock with no luck, I decide it was time to look around for something else to use.

After about 5 minutes of searching I notice the restaurant has a Christmas tree up in the front lobby. I go in and ask the hostess if she would be willing to let me use a candy cane off of the tree. "Of course" she replies. I then take the

candy cane, and tape it to the end of my cb whip. Just like that I have the hook I need. About 20 seconds later I have the lock hooked, and *click* the door comes open. I hear sighs of relief, and send the couple on their way.

I apologize that this is not classic car related, but I thought it made a funny Christmas story. I'm also willing to bet not too many other people have broken into a car using a candy cane.

Moral of the story is, help someone in need out if you can do so. I have been helped out in the past by some great people. This was my chance to pay it forward. If everyone can do the same we can all have a great holiday season.

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Great story, and in the spirit of the season....

I once made an offer to help a fellow who was struggling to open a door with a bent clothes-hanger. He was having a hard time because he kept bending it the wrong way and then twisting. I wasn't trying to be a smart alec, but after he said that he had spent more than a half-hour, and would have to give up, I checked the passenger-side and found that it was not locked. The owner was amazed, and I headed off to the parts store for som stuff I needed.



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Reminds me of the one about the blonde who just could NOT get the remote door lock opener to work properly. It would NOT unlock the door. She kept pushing the button numerous times when finally, some guy came up to her and asked what was wrong. She explained her situation and the guy say, "Oh...the battery in the remote must be dead". Soooo, he takes the keys from her and inserts the key and surprise of surprises...the KEY opens the door.

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