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STEERING WHEEL 17 3/8 inches diameter no.73 AUTO affiliate ID sought


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One steering wheel with ferrous metal construction and hard rubber? coating.

Anyone know what car or truck this might be from? 17 3/8 inch outside diameter

The coating is cracking but the wheel seems straight and strong.

Would anyone want something like this? (opinion)

No. 73 seen on back side of on of the cross pieces.

thanks again






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Looks to me to be a late '28- early '29 splined Model A Ford wheel just prior to the new 2 tooth Gemmer steering gear. Earlier wheels were a red rubber. Later '29 wheels looked the same but were keyed to the shaft . This looks like an original wheel because of the lack of a distinct parting line on the rim but I see what appears to be red splotches under the black. It might be an old repro as they have been around for quite awhile. You might find someone who wants it but restoration of the wheel might cost 3 -4 times the cost of a good U.S. made repro. Don't expect to get rich!

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